About the craftsman

master-r1-300x210I was born in 1962 in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. It was in December, so I am loyal to the winter.

Since 1965 I have been living in Grodno, Belarus. Both my parents and my grandfather are engineers. Neither my great grandfather nor his father had anything to do with arts. So after finishing school with extensive learning of the English language I headed for Nizhniy Novgorod to study physics at the University there, as a continuation of the family education tradition. Three years later I successfully escaped and entered the Department of theatre and decorative painting and props at the School of Theatre Arts.

While still a student I got interested in bookbinding and decorative arts .In 1990 after graduating I came back to Grodno, where I pioneered a children’s art studio of leatherwork. Today my pupils have got their own studios and have made out city popular for the leather artifacts production.

Since 1991, every second year solo exhibitions are held. In 1992 I won the first prize at the International Fair in Poland.

In 2007 I represented Belarus at the first pan-European exhibition of contemporary arts in Austria. My works decorate interiors and private collections in many countries of the world.

I am happily married with three wonderful daughters. I have got a big kind dog and a clever fluffy cat. What else is happiness?